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"Do not look for what you want to see, that would be futile. Do not look for anything, but allow the insight to have a chance to come by itself. That insight will liberate you." Thich Nhat Hahn

Transformational Supervision, a Contemplative Approach to Learning and Development


• Space and time to think, reflect and generate new learning

• Develop your range and depth as a transformational coach

• Explore what helps and what hinders your effectiveness

• Support for exploring and learning from challenging situations

• Tools for confidence building and resilience.

About Transformational Supervision

With a transformational learning process we become aware both that we learn and how we learn. As a result, it brings about changes in the way we see the world and ourselves, revealing our mind maps, affecting how we feel and how we think. It involves our developing the capability to think systemically, to see the relationships and patterns that exist in our day-to-day life, work relationships and the organizations in which they take place.

Transformational learning enables us to become aware of our interconnectedness as human beings, develop open-heartedness for ourselves, those we are influenced by, and can influence, in a constantly changing flow of life events. Within a relationship built on trust and mutual respect we can learn to be still, to notice what we are experiencing in the present, and give ourselves time to respond creatively and appropriately with clients.

Practising Mindfulness and bringing a contemplative approach to reflective work in supervision supports us as we develop compassion for ourselves, for others and cease striving to be other than who we really are. The benefits of a Mindful approach include increased capacity for thinking well, more energy for life, and working more effectively.



"Fiona has been my supervisor for my coaching practice for a number of years. We have established a strong, open and trusting relationship, which continues to deepen. Fiona's ability to hold the learning space with warmth, humour, acceptance, spontaneity and great integrity has significantly enhanced my development. I feel confident to take risks, to reveal my vulnerabilities, to approach my learning edges with curiosity. I have also benefited from her considerable insight, guidance, encouragement and non-judgmental support."
Jane Brendgen, Executive Coach

"You have supported me through a significant period in my professional development. I was initially drawn to you because of your therapy background and how this informs your coaching and supervision practice. I have found the combination invaluable. It has enabled me to develop my understanding of myself, and the influence on my coaching and my supervision, and it has given me insight into my clients and how to work with them most effectively. You have shared your theoretical and personal knowledge and experience generously, however, you have managed to never make me feel that I am being "taught". I feel validated and nurtured by you and your approach. You have had an invaluable positive impact on me, and my work." GM, Executive Coach